Why do Microsoft’s mobile games keep failing


It’s a real-world example of how organizations with multiple generations of workers respond to persistent chat and social networks in the enterprise. Independent research has shown that Millennials in the workplace show a preference for collaborating in team workspaces with instant messaging and humorous animated GIFs while the Gen Xers (and Baby Boomers) working in the same office want Outlook Email.

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Nobody saw this coming. Minecraft Earth is dead, and will be shut down at the end of June. A game that should’ve been a massive easy-win for Microsoft is now being shuttered, joining Mixer, Windows Phone, and the other wasted-potential products Microsoft has put out over the years..

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Minecraft Earth isn’t alone either. Gears POP! and Age of Empires: Castle Siege recently shut down as well, and the future of Forza Street is up in the air. It really does beg the question; why can’t Microsoft capitalize on this insanely lucrative market, and will it hinder their chances with Xbox Game Pass for Android and iOS?

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Minecraft Earth’s closest competitor, naturally, is Pokémon Go. Both games espouse outdoor play as their core mechanic, all centered in augmented reality. In Minecraft Earth, the premise was to travel around, mine “tappable” blocks, and make creations on a 3D augmented reality layer. It was awesome, cool, and fun, inspired by the HoloLens demo of yore.

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What scuppered Minecraft Earth boiled down to the game’s design. The first impressions of Minecraft Earth in its beta period was marred with needless hurdles and time-gating that defy the very essence of Minecraft. The game is about unrestricted creativity, and in Minecraft Earth, Microsoft asked players to either wait several hours to craft stacks of items or pay up some cash.

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